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Maternity Clothes

Poppyseed is starting to become noticeable, so the time has come to begin switching over to maternity clothes. Finding a place that sold everyday maternity clothing (i.e. not trendy, fashionable maternity clothing) was a bit difficult. Melody ended up buying a pair of black pants (chinos) from Thyme Maternity. And, surprisingly (at least on my part), Old Navy has a maternity section – so Melody ended up buying a lot of stuff from there (8 shirts, a sweater, leggings, 3 pairs of jeans). It is all very stretchy.

Overall, this ran us $334.20.

Unfortunately, maternity clothing is not exempt from provincial sales tax. It probably should be, since you’re essentially forced to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing, for a very specific purpose, once your baby is large enough to prevent your pants from zipping up. It’s tantamount to taxing childbirth. Maybe I’m being a bit hyperbolic.


Maternity Clothes


Hopefully this will last us through the pregnancy.