Sophie, Travel

Easter 2016

We went back to Vancouver for the Easter weekend to see family. And we got to meet baby Jude!

Sophie had a lot of fun on the ferry. When we were waiting to board, she even got to drive the car!


Sophie Driving


Sophie Driving


When we arrived at the grandparents’ house (where we were staying), Sophie got to meet Jude (Note: the following pictures are just taken from family members’ Facebook pages).


Sophie Meets Jude


They didn’t really seem to know what to think of each other at first. Also, they are very bad at sharing toys, but that will come with time. Babies are entirely id.


Sophie & Jude Play


Thankfully, they have the supervision of the dads.


Dads & Babies


Posing with granny and grampa.


Babies & Grandparents


Last but not least, hanging out with Uncle Leslie!


Babies & Leslie


We had Easter dinner with this side of the family on Saturday (with a couple other babies in attendance), and had Easter dinner with the other side on Monday (but I don’t have any photos). It was a good first Easter for Sophie.