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Nanaimo Daytrip

Today we drove up to Nanaimo. The main purposes was to buy a Raspberry Pi 3, which I purchased at BC Robotics, but we also stopped in to the Firehouse Grill (one of our favourite restaurants) for dinner. After that, we went for a walk along the waterfront. We saw a few seaplanes take off and land. Sophie found them very intriguing once she realized what they were doing. It was a nice day out, and I wish I had taken more photos.

On our walk, we found a large wooden statue of a crab!


Crab One


Crab Two


We took a rest, and Sophie had her first experience with grass! She wasn’t really sure what to think, but enjoyed grabbing at it.


Sophie in the Grass


Sophie had her first taste of swings at the park there (I forget the name, but it has a pirate statue nearby). She thought they were a lot of fun, so we’ll be going to the park more often! The day wore her out, though, so she slept the entire drive home.