Outdoors, Sophie

Beach Day!

Today was another nice day, so we walked down to the beach at Cordova Bay.

But first, Mom and Sophie had to wait for Dad to get out of a meeting, so they snapped a couple pictures in the grass outside.


Beach Day 1


Beach Day 2


Sophie is looking very nice in her straw hat and old-man-sweater combo! She might not look like it in the photos, but she was happy to explore in the grass again.

Dad finished his meeting, and it was time to go to the beach!


Beach Day 3


As you can see here, the water was very calm!

Mom was carrying Sophie around in her Tula carrier, which has worked out very nicely for us so far.


Beach Day 4


Beach Day 5


Eventually we switched it up, and Sophie had fun pulling on and playing with the hood on Dad’s sweater.


Beach Day 6


We investigated lots of clam shells on the beach, saw some ducks and seagulls, and plenty of footprints in the sand from all kinds of animals…

…including DINOSAURS!


Beach Day 7


Just kidding, these are really from some bird with webbed feet… or are they?

We also found a dead crab 🙁


Beach Day 8


Probably also the work of birds (or dinosaurs, which I feel is more likely).